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These are two girlfriends who have always watched porn together in their lost hours. But this time, they are so inspired by the scenes they saw that they decide to go there too, just for the fun of having porn amateur. Thus, equipped with the camera of a telephone, the two little dykes have put in the head to kiss both together and to do each other well in front of this mini-camera. Their session would certainly be hot since they spend their time to watch porn.

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The two girls are in fact turning an amateur sex but the way they behave proves that they already have some theoretical experience. They are then licking the clumps in 69 and also fingering. They barely experience sex between babes they already know what to do and there one of the teen girls takes over the other, plays with her clitoris and tries to please her as much as possible. In the end, she fingers with 4 fingers which light the little one deep until she has a beautiful orgasm.

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